The Oklahoma Public Health Association's Policy Committee works to identify state public health policy issues and promote the passage of health policies and laws that are best practice in public health. Each year, the Policy Committee, with the input of membership and approval from the Board of Directors, identifies key legislative priorities and tracks bills that fall within those priorities.

Oklahoma's 2024 regular legislative session officially began on February 5, 2024 (the first Monday in February) and will run through May 31, 2024 (the final Friday in May). Below on this webpage are the embedded sheets OPHA uses to track the progress of bills throughout session and contact all legislators and legislative assistants. You can access the full sheet here!

At the beginning of session OPHA identified 247 bills that fit within our 2024 Policy Agenda and selected 155 to track. OPHA is now tracking 62 bills that passed the first voting deadline on March 1. Please find them in the embedded sheet below! Dead bills are found grayed-out at the bottom of the sheet.


See a bill you feel strongly about? You can advocate for or against the bill by contacting legislators! Find a full list of the legislators and their staff below, and feel free to follow our "calling a legislator" guide! The guide can be easily adapted into an email, but please note that calling legislators tends to be more effective than emailing.

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