A coalition committed to creating social safety for Tulsa, Oklahoma's 2SLGBTQ+ community.

600 for Safety's sign – featured on the coalition's window clings as visual cues of belongingness – is the Progress Pride flag overlaid with the shield, red circle, and beige star of Tulsa's flag.

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Donations to 600 for Safety are routed through PFLAG Tulsa.

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600 for Safety's Team

Amy McGehee

Josiah Robinson

McKenzie Cowlbeck

OPHA's 600 for Safety Activities

    • Proudly endorsed 600 for Safety in March 2024.
    • Promoting 600 for Safety across all communications and media.
    • Supporting fundraising, visibility, and impact efforts.
    • Further undersigned by OPHA's Health Equity Caucus.


600 for Safety is a coalition of Tulsa-area businesses, organizations, and individuals creating social safety for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. By joining the coalition, signatories make a good-faith commitment to accept, serve, and publicly affirm all Tulsans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Why is a coalition like 600 for Safety important?

1. Tulsa is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and welcoming city that works for all Tulsans. 600 for Safety builds on a March 8, 2023 resolution passed and signed by the Tulsa City Council that publicly declared Tulsa's commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and welcoming city for all Tulsans, visitors, and businesses. Building on that commitment, this coalition seeks to demonstrate a local, collective commitment to safety and inclusion, condemning all discrimination or harassment in any business or public accommodation. Living in a welcoming city takes all of us!

2. Social safety is a public health imperative. Social safety is a reliable sense of social belongingness, recognition, and protection. Social safety at a community level is imperative for the well-being of all individuals. Without social safety, the human mind and body have an inability to thrive. Research suggests that visual cues of social safety – such as the 600 for Safety sign and registry – may protect the health of individuals who are members of stigmatized populations. This reduces the community-wide burden of disease and needless suffering. Society-wide public health initiatives have benefits for everyone!

3. Inclusivity drives economic growth. We know that openness to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace are key to economic growth and a thriving business community. Organizations that are explicitly inclusive of LGBTQ+ people demonstrate positive impacts on profitability and improving financial performance. Employees at inclusive businesses are also likely to be more productive and devoted to their jobs . 

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