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Sponsorship $5,000

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– 1 6’ rectangular exhibitor table during both days of OPHA's 2024 Conference on September 27-28. Sponsors may forgo their exhibitor table. – Exhibitor table located in priority space – Name & logo recognition on OPHA’s website – Name & logo recognition on conference materials where all sponsors are featured – Name & logo recognition in own post on OPHA social media OPHA social media (Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook), including being tagged in posts – Name & logo alongside fellow sponsors in OPHA social media (Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook), including being tagged in posts – Featured in all OPHA newsletters leading up to conference (released first Monday of each month) UPGRADE from $2500 – 4 registrations, 1 for the individual tabling and 3 additional to be used at the sponsor’s discretion. An access code(s) to register free of charge will be provided upon purchase. If not tabling, the sponsor may use the registration at their discretion. – Sponsorship recognition for one major conference event (ex: speaker, panel, meal) – Reserved priority seats in banquet hall NOTES – PDF with purchase confirmation, form to provide exhibitor information, and use your free registration will be shared immediately upon completed payment. This PDF will not be sent until payment is submitted. – Your organization will not be considered a sponsor until both sponsor purchase and sponsor form are submitted.

Oklahoma Public Health Association
121 NE 52nd Street, Ste. 260
Oklahoma City, OK 73105